Religious Education Elementary Religious Education Elementary
Religious Education Elementary Religious Education Elementary
Religious Education Elementary Religious Education Elementary

Bible: New Revised Standard Version
The recommended Bible for use in liturgies. It is this translation that is used in Masses in Canada.

Bible: The New American Bible
The version of the Bible recommended for use in the United States for Masses.

Bible: Today's English Version
A version of the Bible written at a Grade Five reading level, making it easier to understand but not always precise in its translation.

Catechism of the Catholic Church (Vatican)
A compilation of the official teachings of the Catholic Church written in the 1990’s.

Catholic Education Week Kits (Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association)
Every May, Catholics celebrate Education Week. These resources contain prayers, lessons and faith development activities.

Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Vatican)
A summary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church in more accessible language. Recently a print version of the Catechism for youth was published under the title Youcat. Visit Youcat today!

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church (Vatican)
A summary of key teachings of the Roman Catholic Church on different aspects of her social teachings.

Curriculum Supports for Catholic Schools (EOCCC)
Three sets of entry points (Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, Catholic Themes and Anchor Concepts) are described to show how all curriculum can be integrated with the Catholic worldview. The Second Edition was released in 2005 by the Eastern Ontario Curriculum Cooperative.

Documents of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican)
Documents from the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). These documents have been influential in guiding the Church over the past 50 years. Particularly noteworthy for Ontario Catholic Educators is Lumen Gentium, Gaudium et Spes, Nostra Aetate, and Gravissimum Educationis.

Educating the Soul (ICE)
A document from 1998 that explains the context for creating and teaching Catholic Curriculum in Ontario. Written by Larry Trafford.

General Directory for Catechesis (Vatican)
Whereas the CCC presents the content of Catholic teaching, the GDC presents the methodology of the teaching. Catechesis should not just be understood here as Parish-centered instruction, but rather the whole teaching mission of the Church. It is the basis of faith formation from cradle to grave. Sections 85-86 give us the six tasks of catechesis which provide the strands for the Elementary Religious Education Curriculum.

Gifts of Love (CCC)
A Collection of Prayer Services that can be used in classrooms. They are organized by the academic year.

Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (ICE)
A framework for designing Ontario Catholic curriculum, in the development of youth leadership, teacher education and administrative programs and to support the work of local board initiatives. There fifty-two expectations of Catholic Graduates grouped into seven areas. These inform all Catholic curricula and extra-curricula activities in both elementary and Secondary schools. A new print version with supporting resources is available from the Institute for Catholic Education

Our Language, Our Story (EOCCC)
This resource was developed by Catholic educators in Eastern Ontario. It is a response to the call for character development in Ontario’s publicly funded elementary and secondary schools. Its contents draw on our deepest values as a Catholic educational community – values which shape the character of all who teach and learn in our schools. These values are rooted in the language of Scripture and Tradition – the language of our story. – from the Foreword

Stewards of the Gift (ICE)
This module Stewards of the Gift written for the Grade 10 Civics course is about and for Ontario Catholic schools. Taking up the story of how Ontario Catholic citizens struggled for over one hundred and seventy years to maintain recognition of their constitutional rights to operate and control their own schools, two Ontario Catholic educators, Angelo Bolotta and Marc Keirstead have written a fascinating account of events to be taught in our Ontario Catholic secondary schools. The intent is to use the story of the challenges faced by the Ontario Catholic community to secure minority religious rights through the democratic process where it is the civic responsibility of all informed citizens to advocate for their rights. – Sr. Joan Cronin in the Foreword to Stewards of the Gift

Think Literacy for Religious Education and Family Life (7-12) (MoE/CARFLEO)
A series of literacy strategies used in Religious Education and Family Life classrooms. It was compiled by CARFLEO and sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

Today's Liturgical Readings (
Mass readings for the Canadian Catholic Church

Writing Catholic Curriculum (CCC)
This resource is intended to assist writers who will be working on writing projects/units. It provides a framework for writers to plan and review the work of infusing the Catholic world view into the content of their writing, as well as providing background information, resources and reflective readings. The appendices contain many practical resources for planning and classroom use. – CCC Website

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